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Yoga allows to harmonise the relation between body and mind through postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama). Considered a path to realization (sadhana) in India, where it has been taught and practiced since the dawn of time, Yoga has remarkably acclimatised to Western societies because its regular practice relaxes and strengthens the body without any violence; furthermore it corrects wrong postures and calms down mental stress associated with it. Our Yoga classes and workshops will allow you to perfect your practice or to begin with it and to increase your life balance.

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Yoga practice increases body flexibility and relaxes you.


In Benares, India, my training took place every morning at sunrise on the banks of the river Ganges.
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In the traditional Yoga schools of Benares, students begin each day with a ritual bath followed by a Yoga session.


Ganesh Yoga

I have practised Yoga since my early childhood, in Pondicherry, South India. I studied various approaches, including Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. When I was 18 years old, I went to the sacred city of Benares to search for my spiritual path; there I obtained Diksha (initiation) from one of the greatest master of Northern and Western India, Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati.
During 9 years, I studied Sanskrit and Hindi, beginning each day with Yoga sessions facing the river Ganges, before sunrise, together with the Brahmacharias (traditional students).
There in Benares I also learnt traditional wrestling (Kusti) and practised Indian classical music.
I also have been associated to university works on Indian Thought, which leaded me to make several research stays in Venice and Paris.
In 2010, I began to teach Yoga in Paris where I joined the Hatha Yoga Teachers International Federation (FIDHY-Fédération Internationale de Hatha Yoga), going back to India from time to time in order to deepen my practice as well as my spiritual path.

I teach an authentically traditional Yoga which aims to balance breathing practices (pranayama), postures (asanas) and meditation. The classes are given in small groups (8 to 10 persons) and therefore can adjust to all kind of people whatever their age.
From 2016 onwards, I organised Yoga workshops for my French students, in a big house close to Pondicherry.
From 2022 summer, I will organize also Yoga classes and Yoga workshops in Cotobro’s Casa Anna (Almuñecar).